Well & Good

Hi Natalie, if you could take some time to fill out the worksheet below that would be ace.

About Fundamentals
This may seem tricky. But distilling your brand into just one sentence allows us to understand your brands core message.
This could be services, messaging, support or even business model.
Your purpose. Your meaning.
For example: secure, thoughtful, healthy, innovative, intelligent
How well do these words describe your brand? *
How well do these words describe your brand?
Mass appeal
Young & innovative
Mature & classic
Your audience
Often brands have more than one key audience group. By knowing this information we can ensure that your brand appeals to them all / 1 = Most important 3 = Least important
Age, Career, Finances. Dig a bit deeper into what makes them tick.
Your competitors
Let's see who you're up against.
Qualities that you would like to see reflected in your own brand.
Things that you know you can do better.
Pop in here any other information you think we need to know.