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Launching a global movement to improve men’s health and happiness through journaling.


The Kickstarter — Edition I


MindJournal was born in 2016 after a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Our campaign was fully funded within just 72 hours, eventually reaching a total of £45,641 in just 25 days. However, the goal was so much more than just money. We wanted to change the lives of men from all over the world. Understanding first hand the power of journaling, we set out to bring back this lost art.


Through intelligent and thoughtful design and branding we created a campaign that changed the negative mindset guys had about journaling. By embracing our own vulnerability we shared our story with other guys — that it was ok to journal. And in turn created a monumental ripple in the conversation around men’s health.




Three months after the Kickstarter journals were posted we were offered an exciting opportunity to expand the MindJournal range with Penguin Random House. After 12 weeks of intense research, design and writing the MindJournal workbook was complete. ‘This Book Will Make You Stronger’ is an introduction to journaling for beginners. Expanding on the writing programme from Edition I, the book is designed as a no-nonsense guide to starting your writing journey.


On May 4th, 2017 — a poignant day for us in the studio — MindJournal Edition II launched. It received a multitude of praise from the media, picking up coverage in The Guardian, The Telegraph, Glamour Magazine, Virgin and the BBC. As we expand the sale of the book into Germany, Spain and America we can’t help but feel immensely proud of what we’ve achieved. We’re proof that small, simple ideas can lead to big powerful moments.


The Journal — Edition III


Utilising everything we have learned from the previous editions above, the new journal will embody everything we set out to achieve when we first launched. Being the world’s first and only journal brand for men has its obstacles. There’s no benchmark. No competition to set yourself against. We’re constantly learning and evolving as we go. This is our own adventure.


We’re hands-on with it — like we are with all our projects. We write our own words, design our own graphics and plan our own strategies. So far MindJournal has exceeded all expectations, and we hope Edition III will exceed even more. Set for launch in SS/2018, we can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings.


We’re ready when you are


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