Meet your new design team

We create meaningful design solutions

Our mission is to make design work for you and your business. We supply simple, effective and bespoke solutions that increase the success of your brand. To do this we work in an honest and open way, crafting designs that speak directly to their intended audience. We also believe that listening solves even the most complex problems — so we do that too.

As for our process, well, we don’t really have a specific way of doing things. We just work in a way that works for you. We’ll never baffle you with fancy words or technical terms. We want you to be a part of the journey — to collaborate with us so you know what you’re investing in. Design should be exciting and enjoyable and working with us is exactly that.

And yes we may be small but there’s not much we can’t handle. We specialise in brand identity, graphic design, and web design — working with our close-knit group of partners to deliver everything you’ll ever need. Our size is reflected in the rates we charge too. We offer the same level of service as a full-blown agency, at a fraction of the cost.

So who do we like to work with? Passionate, interesting people is a good place to start. We like honest human beings, that want to change the world or the lives of the people around them. That’s all we’re trying to do ourselves. If you're big, small, a startup or still at your kitchen table then we're the team for you.



Ollie Aplin

Digital Designer & Brand Strategist

With over ten years in the game, I bring an extensive amount of knowledge from a variety of fields to all our projects. I help our clients figure out what they want to say and how we’re going to help them say it. Mostly when it comes to digital experiences but I’m also a bit of a brand guru. I love telling a good story and bringing brands to life.

Natasha Baker

Graphic Designer & Art Director

I have a multidisciplinary role in the studio. My background in illustration and visual merchandising allows me to handle the more physical design output of the studio. I produce our graphic design for print and also provide art direction and styling for our clients and our own ventures. Being a perfectionist too, means I'm also the studio manager.


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