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Helping a guest book brand to elevate their digital experience through better design & simplification.


Touch stay


When the founders of Touch Stay approached us, they were struggling to feel satisfied with the look of their brand and the experience they were offering their clients guests. Being a digital guestbook brand, meant they had to match the expectations of travellers within their brand and product.

Our approach was to conduct full audit of their brand and digital products, as well as their marketing and social media content. This highlighted two core outcomes — the brand needed redesigning. And their core guest app needed simplifying.


The outcome of our collaboration has resulted in a new look and feel for their brand. With a design aesthetic that subtly hints at their product offering. We followed this new design ethos through to their marketing site, creating a highly engaging design to drive signups, demos and inevitably new customers.

The mission was to make guests happy. And with a simplified user experience and improved digital design — their guestbook app now feels more intuitive and visually matches the expectations of both guests and their hosts.


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